For Bucky, it was the best of times and it was the worst of times. The best was that he was young (just seven months old), friendly, and had his whole life ahead of him. The worst: he had lost his home. The happy-go-lucky Retriever was […]
Though Trouble might not be able to see you, he sure can tell you thanks! This happy boy greets everyone with tail wagging. “He’s very sweet, very trusting, and so intelligent,” Trouble’s caregivers say. “He loves when you whisper in his ear and when you give […]
Just this week, two little ones arrived at the SPCA, opening their eyes for the first time. And by little, we mean little! Two baby guinea pigs came into the world, looking about as cute as can be. Their mom, barely an adult herself had just […]
This is a tale of two bunnies. Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, two baby bunnies were born. The brothers were born into tight, crowded quarters and the home they were living in was soon declared unfit for occupancy. The boys’ […]
It’s back … and by back, we mean Giving Tuesday, the International Day of Giving. Held every Tuesday after Thanksgiving, it falls on December 1st this year. And for supporters of the Lycoming County SPCA, that means an annual dose of heartwarming Giving Tuesday stories! To […]
So, just how did Betsy the chicken end up in the back of a police car? Let’s just say that the little lady arrived at the Lycoming County SPCA in style. She was escorted by not just one, no, but two police vehicles. The plucky chicken […]
You know how it goes. Sometimes, a particular dog or cat (or guinea pig, or bunny, or horse, or parrot) just catches your heart in an extra special way. Brutus has become that dog for many of our staff and volunteers. He is sweet, sweet, sweet, […]
It was during one of the hottest weeks of the summer when we received a phone call from a plumbing company in town. “There is a guinea pig…living under our trailer,” the plumber on the other end of the phone explained, “and try as we might, […]
Did you know that shelters across America see a surge of lost pets on the Fourth of July? Fireworks, picnics, and travel can cause pets to become disoriented and frightened. Here are some tips for both before and during the holiday to keep your pet safe. […]
A landlord’s policy was the magic key for Baby. Baby had been at the Lycoming County SPCA for almost two years and was nearing her seventeenth, yes, seventeenth birthday. Many potential adopters and other cats had come and gone, yet Baby remained. It was not just […]

Our mission is to protect all domestic animals by: providing shelter, emergency treatment, investigation and prosecution of cruelty or abuse complaints; adoption and counseling; education programs; and humane care through Lycoming County.


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