Sometimes, Brutus’ ears take on a life of their own.

You know how it goes. Sometimes, a particular dog or cat (or guinea pig, or bunny, or horse, or parrot) just catches your heart in an extra special way. Brutus has become that dog for many of our staff and volunteers. He is sweet, sweet, sweet, “a real love-a-bug,” says Jamie, Director of Development at the Lycoming County SPCA. “He loves belly rubs and he gives kisses. He loves meeting new people and his tail is always wagging.” Yet, Brutus has been here far longer than most of the other dogs at the shelter. Why could this be? Well, he looks like a pitbull, and that can cause people to pass him over. Jamie also suspects that his black coloring does not help, either. Perhaps we need to market him more, so that is what we are doing here!

Just look at those soft eyes!

Brutus is almost seven years old, so he’s not a puppy and he still has years of affection left. He has been in a training class at the shelter for a while now and he has been a very good student! You can tell that he enjoys learning new things and he has improved in confidence. He, like any “bully breed” will need a firm handler in the home to let him know who is in charge. We also recommend that he go to a home with children older than ten, simply because of his size (he is around 60lbs, considered a “medium-size” dog). He does like other dogs, on a dog-by-dog basis, so he may enjoy a canine sibling in the home. We have found that cats are not a good fit for him.

“Take the time, and you’ll see the wonderful boy we’ve all grown to love,” say his caregivers. “Bru Bru” deserves a loving forever home and we cannot wait to see him get it! If interested, please call the SPCA at 570-322-4646 to set up a meet-and-greet.

Brutus enjoying his Thanksgiving dinner last year.

Brutus is ready for an adventure!

“Will you take me home?”

Silly boy!

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