The Canyon litter is simply swoon-worthy. Imagine seven little roly-poly spotted puppies running around, looking for all the world like fat little potatoes with legs. This scene has been the delight of Lycoming County SPCA caretakers for the past several weeks. And we could not keep […]
Collage of Duke the dog
Together, we have made an incredible difference in the lives of thousands of homeless pets in Lycoming County – and it is all thanks to the dedication of SPCA supporters like you. Indeed, if it had not been for you, Duke would not have found his […]
October is National Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month and National Pit-Bull Month, so who better to spotlight than a dog who exemplifies both? Meet Panda. Panda’s story parallels many a pitbull’s story here in America’s shelters. He arrived as a homeless pet when he was just one year old. […]
Walt and Wally had grown up together in north-central Pennsylvania. They spent their days cuddling, exploring, and sharing life’s ups and downs with each other. At six years and eight years old, the friendly black and orange cats were pretty settled. Then, their lives suddenly changed. […]
Velvet is looking spry today, and it is all thanks to you. When the little guinea pig arrived at the SPCA, she needed a safe landing. Caretakers set her up with fresh hay, pellets, and cozy bedding, all of the things a piggie needs to be […]
Pearl is one of the fluffiest dogs you’ll ever meet. (And we know the competition among fluffy dogs is pretty fierce.) When she arrived at the Lycoming County SPCA, Pearl had just been found as a stray on a busy street outside of a Starbucks. How […]
  Meredith Grey will be spending her spring playing with her kitten brothers and sisters. (Appropriately named Alex Karev, Derek Shepherd, Preston Burke, Cristina Yang, and George O’Malley, as General Hospital fans will appreciate. ) She is happy in her SPCA foster home, where she is […]
Once in a while, you and a pet just magically connect. A deep bond seems to well up from somewhere inside and you know that you are meant for each other.  Many of Sybil’s caretakers feel just that way about Sybil. Whether it is because she […]
Since March is Adopt-a-Guinea-Pig month (who knew, right?), we thought that your inbox would appreciate a photo of a guinea pig and his beloved hammock. Now, if you love pets, you do not need us to tell you how different their personalities can be. Sprocket was […]

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