Once in a while, you and a pet just magically connect. A deep bond seems to well up from somewhere inside and you know that you are meant for each other.  Many of Sybil’s caretakers feel just that way about Sybil. Whether it is because she needs extra protection in this world or because she is just so sweet, Sybil strikes a gentle chord with almost everyone she meets.

Sybil arrived at the Lycoming County SPCA the day before Valentine’s Day. She had been found as a stray in the center of town and, amazingly, she was unhurt. You see, Sybil cannot hear nor can she see much, if at all. Can you imagine how she navigated the unfamiliar terrain she found herself in? Thankfully once Sybil arrived at the SPCA she was in good hands. And in good laps, too, which is where you will often find her. She greets new folks with a gentle sniff and then, oh, she leans on in. Who can resist such a cozy blanket?

Other than her hearing and vision symptoms, Sybil is a healthy girl. She is around two years old and is medium in size, weighing in at forty pounds. She may enjoy another dog in the home with a similar size and play style. Feeling a deep connection with Sybil yourself? Call us at the SPCA to learn more about her. 570-322-4646




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