It’s back … and by back, we mean Giving Tuesday, the International Day of Giving. Held every Tuesday after Thanksgiving, it falls on December 1st this year. And for supporters of the Lycoming County SPCA, that means an annual dose of heartwarming Giving Tuesday stories! To kick off this year’s Giving Tuesday series, we are featuring one of our most challenging and rewarding programs at the SPCA, the Barn Cat Program.

Hannah came from a hoarding situation. She lived with a number of other cats in a home where she did not receive much attention. When her owner became ill, the SPCA was contacted to help care for the cats. As you can see from her photograph, Hannah was scared. She did not like to be near people and she longed for the freedom to escape and run around. After spending several months at the SPCA, it was clear to Hannah’s caregivers that she was best suited for an outdoor or barn home. A barn home is one where cats are allowed to live outdoors with the freedom that they desire, but with the security of a caregiver ensuring shelter, food, and medical care. These homes can be hard to come by, not because they do not exist (they surely do!), but because folks often do not know that these types of cats are available for adoption at the SPCA.

SPCA staff recommended that Hannah and her siblings be adopted out in pairs because they often huddled together for comfort. The hope was that if an adopter wanted one outdoor cat, perhaps they would want two. A Facebook post helped promote the barn cats, and soon after Hannah joyfully went home with her sister Erica.

Erica is now living the life she loves.

The SPCA currently has over 400 cats and kittens in our care. You can be sure that not all of the stray cats that come to the SPCA want to become indoor house cats. A barn home is a humane solution to ensuring that cats like Hannah and Erica have a chance to live their lives to the fullest! Your donation on #GivingTuesday, this Tuesday, December 1st, will help barn cats find the forever homes that they need.

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