A landlord’s policy was the magic key for Baby. Baby had been at the Lycoming County SPCA for almost two years and was nearing her seventeenth, yes, seventeenth birthday. Many potential adopters and other cats had come and gone, yet Baby remained. It was not just her age standing in the way. Her attitude and demeanor could also be off-putting at times, or shall we say, most of the time, as well.

Then, one day in late April, a young man scheduled an appointment. He was seeking to adopt a cat as a companion. Staff members worked hard to make a big list of potential cats for him. Just as they were completing the list, they found out that the young man needed a front-declawed cat due to his renting lease requirements. Well, the only cat at the time who was front-declawed was senior, always anxious, shut-down Baby. Lo and behold and completely shocking to the staff, the young man fell in love with Baby and adopted her that night! Since then, the duo have settled in and are perfect for each other! Baby has been adjusting so well and her new dad just loves her so much. Congratulations to Baby and her new dad!



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