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Lost Dog Finds Family After a Year – #GivingTuesday

It begins with that sinking feeling - the moment that you realize your beloved pet is missing. Where could they be? Who can you turn to for help? Many people turn to the Lycoming County SPCA, and supporters ensure that help is there when lost pets and their owners...
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Cold and Alone – a Little Kitten’s Miracle Rescue – #GivingTuesday

Mother. Life-giving, life-sustaining, loving. We all need our mother, especially in the earliest days of our lives. Little kittens are no exception. Like newborn human babies, kittens nurse every two hours around the clock. Separated from their mothers out on the...
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Fresh Start for Mr Grumpy Pants

There he was. A little black fluffball of a dog, looking more bat than dog with his large ears and tiny body. His name was Igor. Dropped off that morning by a concerned citizen who found him wandering as a stray in the city, volunteer Amy Thompson eyed Igor carefully...
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