Volunteer Program

Volunteers are a vital part of the Lycoming County SPCA. Without them, we would not be able to perform many of the functions at our shelter. Because of the sensitive nature of our work and the potential liability involved, the SPCA accepts volunteers ages 14 and over.

We are always looking for eager volunteers to assist with the shelter animals and the everyday responsibilities of shelter life. Whether you are interested in walking dogs, socializing cats, office work, or special events, we have something for you. 

Please complete the Volunteer Application. Once you submit the application, our Volunteer Manager will contact you. 

Special Note: Volunteering for personal enrichment and performing community service are not the same. If you are required to perform community service and wish to do so at the SPCA, please contact the shelter and inquire about our community service program.

Sign Up For Volunteer Shifts:

Become A Volunteer

1. Fill out and submit a volunteer application. Each application will be reviewed and applicants will be contacted by the Volunteer Manager.

2. All volunteers are required to go through orientation, which is held three to four times a year.

3. Volunteers then have three requirements they must fulfill:

  • Four hours participation in fundraising and special events.
  • Saturday or Sunday morning kennel cleaning training.
  • Animal Handling Class (You must take this class before you may work with the animals).

Volunteer Application forms are also available at the SPCA.

Check Out Some Picture From Our Volunteer Programs!