Life-Time Memorial Wall

Donations made to remember the impact people & pets have on us long after they’re gone.

Sara attended Loyalsock Township School District. She loved all things art and music, especially the group BTS. Sara’s love for animals inspired her to volunteer at the Lycoming County SPCA and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Anahuac, TX.

Sara Hasselman

Jun 8, 2003 ~ Aug 25, 2022 (age 19)

Judith was a graduate of Loyalsock High School and prior to her retirement was employed by the Jersey Shore State Bank. She enjoyed playing tennis, going to casinos, attending her grandchildren’s sporting events, and loved her dogs. Judith lived life to the fullest through simple pleasures chatting with family and friends.

Judith “Judy” Gyurina

Jul 11, 1946 ~ Dec 29, 2022 (age 76)

Despite her spontaneous and adventurous spirit, Addison never strayed far from home. When she was not working or studying, Addison loved spending time hunting, fishing, camping, shopping, playing cards and board games with her family. Addison not only enjoyed the thrill of amusement parks and concerts but also the serenity of car rides listening to music.

Addison Schoonover

Apr 23, 1998 ~ Jan 26, 2023 (age 24)

Ken worked as an electronics technician for Miele Amusements for many years He enjoyed designing and tinkering on cars and electronics, and was known for his problem-solving skills. He also served his country as a veteran of the U.S. Navy.

Kenneth “Ken” Manley

Sep 6, 1957 ~ Jun 7, 2023 (age 65)

Annual Memorials

2024 Memorials (People)

Joe Bischof

Joyce M. Boyles

Richard F Buck

Debra Burckhart

John Emery

Barbara Fenstemacher

Earl Fox

Ann Gehret

Sarah J. Gray

Kathryn Deckhard Knight

Sharon K. Moll

Sharon Parker

Tasmin Roupp

Patricia Straka

Margaret Mary Wasilewski


2023 Memorials (People)




Laura & Saundra

Rev. Dina

Karen Achenbach

Charles Ardell

Dorothy Bair

Helen Bair

Barbara Bassette

Brandon Bernstine

Sharon Bitler

Marlin Bitler

Margaret Bitles

Jessie Bloom

Ronnie Bowen

David Brady

Alexis Breen (Hippenstiel)

Richard Buck

Nancy A. Bullock

Garry Burgard

Walter Calvert

Ruth Carson

Walter Carver

Richard Cerrato

Robert Chapelli

Keith Coup

Vera Coleman

Marla Crossley

Michael Daley

Charles Dincher

Sandra Doebler

Steve Drum

Carl Dusman

Sandy Cillo

David Cooper

Mary Cooper

Michael Daley

Cale Derr

Marion Dival

Thomas “Tommy” Ecker

Kate Fantaskey

Rita Fischer

Reba Fishing

Ann Fishman

William Flynn

John Fowler

Marilyn Frailey

Alice Fullerton

Donald Gephart

jean Ghalib

Maddie Giraud

Robert Griffin

Samantha “Sam” Gross

Aaron Hager

Marian Hannan

Wanda Hendershot

Helen Henninger

Harold Hershberger

Joyce Hershberger

Robert Heverly

Kathy Heydenreich

Frederic Hockman

Marian J. Hodge

Al Hoffman

Donna Hoover

Dolores Huldeman

Linda Hughes

Paul Johnston

Connie Kaufman

Jolisa Kennedy

Doyle Kepner

Luanne King

Flo Landon

Pat Lard

Roxanna Larson

Ralph Lehman

Rose Leo

Jake Levan

Marco & Aubrey Leta

Joan Livingston

Faith Ann (Seaman) Livermore

Yvonne Losell

Betty Lupole

Maralyn Lloyd

Mae Elizabeth Lyon

Norma Lyons

Kenneth “Kenny” Manley

Dale Lee Martin

Vince Matteo

Louise Maurer

Roger May

Daniel L. Mayer

Linda Mayers

Weldon Michael

Walter Miller

Donald Miller

Robert Mull

Donna Ney

Sharon Paker

Dr. LaRue Pepperman

Jean Pepperman

Ronald Peterman

John “Jack” Phillips, Sr.

Eleanor Percialli

Jackie Prentiss

Louise Prettyleaf

Margaret Raisch

Agnes Rechel

Susan Redmond

Charlotte Reitz

Rober Rice

Peggy Rinella

Kathy Robbins

Ehtel Rockwell

Arnold Ross

Addison Schoonover

Irene Schrimp

Carol Schurer

Barbara Sealy

Kyle Sees

Barbara Shatto

Marilee Sholtis

Nelson Silverstrim

Patricia Sinclair

Brett Sipe

Steve Sleboda

Ed Smeenk

Dorothy Smith

Adda Snyder

Lisa Snyder

Charlotte Spitler

Richard Staib

Richard Swartzlander

Frederick Thomas

Sandra Trout

Sally & Tom Vargo

Cheryl Walters

Adele Wasserman

John Weaver

Ann Weikel (Wenner)

Mike Welteroth

Charles Wright

Raguel Abbey Wright

Dr. Jack Whittaker

Abe Young

Matthew Craig Zarzyczny

2023 Memorials (Animals)

Adie, Lillie, Oopie



Belle & Inkie




Higgins & Matw

Miss Sassy

Abby Bassett

Rusty Bassett

Snowball Bassett

Ike Brague

Tippy Brittain

Buster Cole

Samantha Gallagher

Bellie Gray

Inkie Gray

Milo Hutchinson

Rylo Kitty

Nina Lowry

Lucy Manning

Ella McLaughlin

Lucy Murray

Moose & Banjo Nible

Lucas Peterman

Noodles Peterman

Sammy Peterman

Sascha Poust

”Peru” Ramsauer

Ettie Slaten