Spay-Neuter Assistance

Spay-Neuter Assistance

The Lycoming County SPCA provides financial assistance to low to moderate income residents who live in Lycoming County. Individuals needing assistance need to complete an application. You will need to show identification and your tax return as proof of income. You may show proof of receipt of Medicaid, Food Stamps, PACE, WIC, or other welfare program.  If you do not have a tax return, you will have an additional $10 co-pay.

Please come to the SPCA to complete the application, show proof of income, pay any co-payments, and receive information about scheduling your pet’s surgery with one of our participating veterinarians.  Your co-payment is based on your total household’s gross income per year based on your tax return.    If you do not have your tax return, you will have a $10 co-pay.  If you have more than one animal, you will pay an additional co-pay per animal.

No income -$10,000                     You pay 0 to $10

$10,0001-$20,000                         You pay $10

$20,001-$30,000                           You pay $20

$30,001-$35,000                           You pay $30

over $35,000                                  You are not eligible for assistance.

Spay-Neuter Application

If you wish to contribute, the Jean Marie White Spay Neuter Fund is an established fund designated for the spaying and neutering of companion animals.  If you donate to this fund, the funds are added to the principal of a certificate of deposit account.  The interest generated from this fund is used for spaying and neutering.  Just make a notation in the memo section that the funds are restriced to the Jean Marie White Spay Neuter Fund.  Thank you for helping us save lives.